The land cover and land use classifications of MapBiomas Amazon Collections are based on LANDSAT mosaics. For each 1:250,000 chart, in each year evaluated (1985-2022), a specific mosaic was produced. Each mosaic is produced by the spatial integration of different LANDSAT images present in each chart and by a pixel-by-pixel temporal integration. These time intervals were defined according to the variation in the phenology of plant types in each of the Amazon countries and cross-cutting themes, as a strategy to improve the classification results.

Annual mosaics contain 141 bands which include: LANDSAT spectral bands, indices, and fractional metrics from the Mixture Spectral Model. Also, some topographic and elevation features were used. For more information, see item 3.1 of the ATBD General.

You can access the mosaics from Collection 5 directly in Google Earth Engine through the following public collection (asset):


To download Landsat mosaics from MapBiomas, access the toolkit on Google Earth Engine.